Efficient Refineries – Terahertz

Client: No. (Record Label)Product: Efficient Refineries (Music Press Release) What on God’s Grey Earth are Efficient Refineries? Far from being some post truth, fake nude, Chinese hoax, alt Reich Republican Boy Band they are indeed the dark union of previous No. label acolyte Siegmar Fricke / Pharmakustik and his Spanish wet nurse co-conspirator Miguel Angel […]

Nino Brown

DJ Nino Brown is an Australian institution with a larger than life career profile boasting more achievements than we’d like to count.. but let’s count them.  Performing in all corners of Australia and South East Asia whilst sharing the stage with the heaviest of heavy hitters including Eminem, Jay – Z, Snoop Dogg, & Sean […]

Atom™ – Texturen III

Client: No. (Record Label)Product: Texturen III (Music Press Release) Atom™ returns to the home of No. Ware with the IIIrd (3rd) chapter of his Texturen series, continuing in the tradition of a long form singular 54 minute slice of audio output picking up where he left off with No. 912 – Texturen II.  Designed to […]

France Jobin – Intrication

Client: No. (Record Label)Product: France Jobin – Intrication (Music Press Release) No. welcomes Canadian France Jobin to the label.  The Montreal based artist will release her 9th album on No.. With her release entitled ‘Intrication’, she grapples with some truly cosmic concepts involving Quantum Entanglement (go on, Google it..) amongst other truly magical ideas which […]


Client: No. (Record Label)Product: Alive01 (Music Press Release) Material Object, here presents his first true (if such a term exists) live performance. True in the sense of being generated instinctively in the moment from resampled chunks of previous output sandwiched between unheard waveforms from a distant future whilst underwritten by voltage controlled rumblings from actual […]


Client: No. (Record Label)Product: No. III (Music Press Release) No. The disorganisation founded by Atom™ + Material Object in 2013 to advance the cause of faceless audio output by No. One in particular are cataloging their 3rd year of Existence with No. III  No. III continues the centuries long tradition, invented by the label masterminds […]

GigaTools Pro

Client: GigaToolsProduct: Product Walkthrough Demo Videos GigaTools Pro is a web based ‘Software As A Service’ SAAS product for the music industry that streamlines the process of booking and managing events. I was charged with writing the copy for the public facing pages of the application as well as the client facing content and the […]

No. II

Client: No. (Record Label)Product: No. II (Music Press Release) No., founded by Atom™ & Material Object in 2014, celebrate their second birthday in style with “No. II”, a collage, a readymade, an assemblage, a synthesis, in short: a spectrum of elements refracted through the prism of the label’s output between the 1st of May 2015 […]

Yakovlevian Torque

Client: No. (Record Label)Product: Yakovlevian Torque (Music Press Release) No. return with a new addition to the abstract ‘300’ series by one time member of the influential Australian electronic project Severed Heads: Garry Bradbury.  Sydney based Bradbury is known for his boundary bending audio collage and analogue synthesis outbursts and has a career spanning three […]

No. Inc. – G@ng5ta

Client : No. (Record Label)Product : No. Inc. – G@ng5ta (Music Press Release) No. Inc. are Material Object and Atom™. With their second album, entitled “G@ng5ta”, they deliver a trippier version of ‘ambient’, triggered by an unexpected genre collision appropriately numbered as No. 911.  Deciding to mix, possibly two of the most opposite ends of […]

Invisible Light

Client : No. (Record Label)Product : Invisible Light (Music Press Release) The first collaboration between No. label co-founder Material Object and prolific, rural British sound smith Ishq. “Invisible Light” is a rejuvenating stroll at interstellar velocities through an unfamiliar landscape populated by unknown plants, strange creatures and bizarre illuminations. Patiently evolving beneath a lush canopy […]


Client: GigaToolsProduct: GigaTools Web Application GigaTools is a online service for professional performers that simplifies the promotion and announcement of upcoming Gigs by sharing information from one source across the entire range of online & social media channels. I was charged with writing the copy for the GigaTools website and social media channels. The business […]